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The main  The riots in Husby are thus only the most recent example of youth violence in Swedish suburbs (Nilsson and Westerberg, 2011). In this context, Hip-hop, that had  News & Events. Roslund on Gomorron Sverige (Swedish morning show) about the riots in Husby. June 11, 2013. Click here to watch the clip.

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On 19 May 2013, violent disturbances broke out in Husby, a suburb dominated by immigrants and second-generation immigrant residents, including a substantial number from Somalia, Eritrea, Afghanistan and Iraq, in northern Stockholm, Sweden. But while many Swedes celebrated their sporting triumph, riots were breaking out in Husby. Responding to reports that a car had been set alight, police claimed that upon arrival at the scene they were met by youths throwing stones. In May 2013 the international press reported on the “surprising riots” taking place in one of Stockholm’s northern suburbs, where 85 percent of the population has foreign origins.

Stockholm. Times of India har en artikel om kravallerna i Husby och andra "The riots in one of Europe's richest capitals have shocked a country that  Upplopp i Husby natten till den 21 Maj 2013.

Våldsamma upplopp i Husby i natt Aftonbladet

/ Carl-Ulrik Schierup, Aleksandra Ålund & Lisa Kings. Accessible at: investigated structural causes of the riots and tries to dismiss them by  Husbyborna Ali Abdo, 26 och Sabrin Nekach, 21, sörjer den bild av Husby som etsat sig fast.

Husby riots


Minister of Integration Erik Ullenhag of the Liberal Party (Folkpartiet 2013 Stockholm riots may refer to: May 2013 Stockholm riots (Husby), between security forces and immigrant youth December 2013 Stockholm riots (Kärrtorp), between anti-fascist and neo-Nazi activists This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title 2013 Stockholm riots. Among residents of Husby, opinions about the riots differed. While some saw them as a misguided response to a legitimate discontent, others just wanted peace and quiet. A car park is covered in ashes after a night of rioting. English: Second day of the Stockholm Husby riots. The picture depicts three cars recently put to fire in the Stockholm suburb of Husby.

Researching Otherwise? Autoethnographic Notes on the 2013 Stockholm Riotsmore. by Markus Lundström and Paulina de los Reyes.
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Seven people were arrested on Tuesday following the Husby riots in northern Stockholm, with Sweden’s Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt warning that the unrest may continue. ARTICLES PUBLISHED ON MAY 22 Among residents of Husby, opinions about the riots differed. While some saw them as a misguided response to a legitimate discontent, others just wanted peace and quiet. A car park is covered in ashes after a night of rioting.

This essay reports on a field trip to Stockholm and sets the riots within the Swedish 2013-05-22 For the past week there has been a clash between the police and a minority of the citizens in Husby, Sweden. This is not uncommon in the world as a whole. In Sweden though, these kinds of events During those dramatic days in May, when the riots played out, national and international media more or less invaded Husby, eagerly speculating about the intentions and forces that had prompted the riots (although the police eventually represented the largest source in media reports, despite the dense journalist presence in Husby) (Boréus, 2016: 74–75).
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I've been hunting apartments (will move in with a friend of mine). We have found a place in Husby. While in De Ba Blev Så, Lundin revisits the events of the 2013 Husby riots and criticizes the police reaction to the protests and their spreading  Youths in the immigrant-heavy Stockholm suburb of Husby torched cars and threw rocks at police, in riots believed to be linked to the deadly police shooting of a  May 2013 Stockholm riots. P Rffla Solhjden kan man skydda sin single i husby-rekarne med hemlarm uppkopplat till larmcentral. Milstter  Homeland; The Fight for Control of the Unimind Begins; Samvel Stares into the Void; The Consequences of Disobedience; Husby Riots; The Lonely Hologram  May 2013 Stockholm riots. Hedlandet Milster Husby-Rekarne karta - deshow. P Hedlandet Milster kan man skydda sin bostad med hemlarm  Reportern berättade att hen hade åkt runt i Husby och sett skadegörelse, Efter upploppen i London 2011 utformade Lewis Reading the Riots,  av S Nyzell · 2014 · Citerat av 4 — discussing the classical work of E. P. Thompson on food riots in the 18th century England E. P. Thompson politiska protester konfrontation contention.